I was brought up to believe that how I saw myself was more
important than how others saw me. - Anonymous

Thank You!


Thank you, Suboxone, for giving me my husband back. He struggled for years with one addiction or another. Whenever, He did get better, He was only going to a new medication. He went from weed to cocaine, to methamphetamine to Oxycontin, and then alcohol. It wasn't because He didn't want to quit because He did.  He just couldn't stop using on his own. 

I would catch Him crying sometimes when I had to go to work and especially the time I was diagnosed with "Walking Pneumonia."   It just made Him use more because He could see what He was doing to all of us and it was killing Him,but yet, He couldn't stop. I knew it had to have over rode His will because I could see the desire in his eyes to change. Each time he tried, He became deathly ill and could not deal with the withdrawals.  

He was never able to hold a steady job. It was up to me to work. There were times I was holding three positions at once to make ends meet. I didn't have no other choice because we had three girls and someone had to take care of them.  Finally after three trys, He really hit rock bottom and decided it was about time to check into a Inpatient Rehabilitation Center.

It has been a year and one half since the fateful day He made the choice.  He has been working every day since then and is moving up in the factory. He hasn't touched any drugs or alcohol since that day. He let go of all his old friends and bad influences. Our marriage has never been better. Soon, I may be able to start working only part time and have more time to devote to my children.

He finally has the drive and ambition to do good in life and get ahead. He and I both give full credit to Suboxone.  Thank you for giving us a whole new outlook on life.

Thank You, Suboxone! 

Sheboygan WI 53081