A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.
-Unknown Author

15.  The Addiction Recovery Guide  

Assists individuals struggling with drug addiction and alcoholism find programs and resources that best suit their needs.

16.  The Addiction Treatment Resource Guide

A comprehensive directory of addiction facilities and resources.

ASAM's Mission
Increase access to and improve the quality of addiction treatment;

17.  American Society Of Addiction Medicine

ASAM's Mission

Increase access to and improve the quality of addiction treatment;
Educate physicians (including medical and osteopathic students), other health care providers and the public;
Support research and prevention;
Promote the appropriate role of the physician in the care of patients with addiction;
Establish addiction as a primary speciality recognized by professional organizations, governments, physicians, purchasers and consumers of health care services, and the general public.



What We Do   

Join Together leads initiatives to help communities respond to the harms caused by excessive alcohol and drug use and provides free internet services supporting their efforts. Learn about Join Together's current web-based services and other programs.



Daily Dose is maintained by WIRED. WIRED was developed six years ago by David Clark, a Professor of Psychology at University of Wales, Swansea, as a way of empowering people to tackle substance misuse. It aims to:

Provide the information, support and tools that people require to help them overcome or reduce their substance use problem;
Improve the quality of services in the community provided to people with a substance use problem and their families and carers;
Raise awareness and understanding of substance misuse, the problems it creates and the ways to deal with these problems.
WIRED is a grass roots initiative that merges real world activities with an exceptionally high profile web based communication system, for the purpose of disseminating information, providing support, education and training, conducting research, and amplifying the capacity of already successful programmes to reach their audiences.


Major Studies of Drugs and Drug Policy, History of the drugs and drug laws, Medical Marijuana Research, Government Publications on drugs and drug policy, Charts and graphs of drug war statistics, Information on specific drugs and Much, much more.


NIDA's mission is to lead the Nation in bringing the power of science to bear on drug abuse and addiction.

This charge has two critical components. The first is the strategic support and conduct of research across a broad range of disciplines. The second is ensuring the rapid and effective dissemination and use of the results of that research to significantly improve prevention, treatment and policy as it relates to drug abuse and addiction.

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