Life is not about the end of the story where you put down the book  with a  satisfied  sigh.  It  is  about all  the  chapters  in between that makes your heart race, bring a smile and make you cry as you work your way deliciously exhausted to the end,where you get to say, "That was a great story!"


Found The Meaning of Peace

After twenty-eight years of intravenous drug use, I finally found Suboxone Treatment.  I had tried many Rehabilitation Treatment Centers to no avail. I lost my marriage,my friends, and family. I found myself incarcerated more than once and I even began to wonder if I there was any hope for me. I lost one job after another and found myself living like a homeless person on the street. I had no peace within. 

There was Hope in the form of Suboxone.  I have been clean now for over a year and I now know the true meaning of "Peace."  Thanks to God, Suboxone and people who never give up on us. 

Forever Grateful,

Judgement Came With Methadone

I started using really abusing opiates when my Mother died in march 2006. I liked the way they made me feel.  I started using  more  and more. It went from once a week to twice a week and so on. Soon I was using every day.  

I started with Vicodin, then progressed to Norco and when I couldn't get high off them anymore,I started taking Oxycontin. Once I started taking Oxycontin, I really couldn't see I had a problem.  I thought it was all fun and games until one day, my friend gave me a couple of  methadone.

I wasn't at all familiar with methadone but my friend informed they were just another opiate and made the remark He had access to a lot more, and left it like that.  Well, I absolutely loved them because they lasted much longer and were much cheaper. 

It wasn't until I ran out that I discovered I had a real problem. I was in total misery and it was the worst time of my life. I had not thought too much of  it because I never really understood withdrawal, until now. 

 I was so out of it by the second day, I knew I had to have something to ease my pain. I went out and  bought 80mg Oxycontin and used half of it immediately.  Three hours later, I was in pain again. I felt like s--- because the methadone was active much longer than the Oxycontin. Now, the Oxycontin was not of much use to me... I knew I had a serious problem.

I was hooked from that point on.  I felt as if I had descended into a deep dark hole and there I could see no light. My existence had turned into a continuous search of opiates and I didn't care what kind they were, just anything would do. Soon my money was gone.  I had lost everything in my life important to me. I had lost the only girl who had ever meant anything to me and all my friends had given up on me. I had no hope left.

It was at this point I started stealing and selling items just to get enough money to make a buy. If there was nothing available, I would go crazy just trying to find a way.  My life had turned into a disaster. Absolutely nothing was fun anymore.  I was so depressed and would cry for no reason at all. I was so sad, I can't even explain it to you.  I knew I needed help but where was I going to find it?

This had been going on for over a year. It had started with my Mother's death in March 2006 and I could hardly believe where the time had went. It was June 2007.  I happened to cross paths with an old acquaintance and He suggested I see a Doctor and try Suboxone.  I made an appointment for June 4th and was determined to keep it against all odds.

I arrived for the appointment and just walked in and spilled my guts.  I told them everything and the Doctor suggested Suboxone and I agreed.  The Doctor treated me that very day and I started feeling better instantly.  I was so impressed on how quickly it took the withdrawals and cravings away! I actually felt like myself again. Normal...

I found a new  full-time job (I had never had a full time job) and took care of business that I had put off for so long.  I was actually doing things without a  thought of using on my mind. 

Suboxone saved my life. If I had never discovered it I would be incarcerated today if not dead. I haven't been on Suboxone but a week but I just know this is going to be the end of my opiate abuse. I have started attending Narcotics Anonymous Meetings and I'm looking for a Sponsor. 

I know it may be too early to be proclaiming "Victory" but, I know within my heart I will stay clean with the help of Suboxone. I know I have a lot of work to do but it's going to be "One Day At A Time."   I needed a miracle and for me, it was Suboxone.

I want to thank the person who first told me about Suboxone.  I want to thank the people working on "Suboxone Assisted Treatment" for all the information they provided about Suboxone. I am only too happy to share with all of you about Suboxone for it surely turned out to be a "Miracle"  for me. 


Compiled:  Deborah Shrira                    Dated: December  2007